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Transmissions Inc.


Smyrna, Tennessee

We honor most extended warranties. When we rebuild your transmission under your extended warranty, we pay your deductible.
We also offer expert Engine Replacements, as well as servicing Standard Transmissions, Clutches, Axles, Differentials, Transfer Cases, and all drive line related repairs.


Pegram Transmission

We have been taking care of Pegram clients' Transmission Problems for 21 years, so we have the experience to handle many Transmission issues. Unlike the other Transmission mechanics in Pegram, we take care of Transmission Problems with integrity and excellent customer service. Not sure if your car will make it to our shop? We'll tow your vehicle here for free!

Don't let your Transmission Problems get any worse. If you suspect there are any issues with your Transmission, call us immediately and we'll get down to the root of the problem. We honor most extended warranties, so if you notice Transmission Problems and we have to rebuild your Transmission, we'll pay your deductible. You won't find many mechanics in Pegram with that level of service. If you need a dependable, honest Transmission mechanic in Pegram, call us today at Transmissions, Inc.