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Transmissions Inc.


Smyrna, Tennessee

We honor most extended warranties. When we rebuild your transmission under your extended warranty, we pay your deductible.
We also offer expert Engine Replacements, as well as servicing Standard Transmissions, Clutches, Axles, Differentials, Transfer Cases, and all drive line related repairs.


Bon Aqua Transmission Line

It's important to have a Transmission Fluid Change every 30,000 miles or so. While you're at it, have us take a look at your Transmission Line and other transmission parts to ensure everything is in proper working order. Your Transmission Line can become damaged from debris and too much heat, but thankfully there's an expert in Bon Aqua that can provide a comprehensive diagnostic. Remember, routine maintenance such as a Transmission Fluid Change can prolong the life of your transmission. If you need help getting here, we can send a tow truck to you in Bon Aqua.

Don't let a leaky Transmission Line ruin your transmission. A regular Transmission Fluid Change, along with regular maintenance, will keep you from having to replace your transmission. We at Transmissions, Inc. have been serving the Bon Aqua area for years. Call us today for a free diagnostic, and you'll soon discover why so many clients in Bon Aqua rely on us for everything from Transmission Line repair to a Transmission Fluid Change.